Sparrow's Hope Store Restock!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We spent the past four days shopping for items, pricing and packaging them and then stocking them in the Sparrow's Hope Store at the Hope Orphanage in Gorlovka. After a couple of months of inactivity with the kids at the orphanage (while they were away at summer camp) we have been busy with them and working for them for the past week. It has been a family affair as Lora and I did the shopping, Lexi and Leanna got involved with the pricing, and Dima got to help haul stuff to the house then back to the car. It is all a labor of love and it is so exciting to see the faces of the kids who benefit from all the work. Thanks to all the sponsors who make it all possible.


Shopping with Younger Kids

On Sunday we took the younger children (11-13) shopping at the market. They were fun to shop with although they were quite excited and full of energy!


Hope Orphanage Kids

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last weekend we took three groups of kids from Hope Orphanage shopping at the Andrevski Market in Gorlovka. We divided them into groups and spent a couple of hours per group shopping for the things they needed and wanted. It was my first time going with the kids and I have to admit it was an amazing experience. The kids were so thankful for the opportunity to shop for themselves, and they were amazingly patient and generous with each other. It was fun to be with them and see their excitement about their purchases. Thanks to all our sponsors for making it possible for these kids to have this experience and the things they need.


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