Christmas Boxes for Kids

Friday, December 24, 2010

We just delivered the Christmas boxes for the kids at Hope Orphanage. It was so much fun to watch them open their packages and see the joy on their faces! It was a great Christmas present for us to share the love of Jesus with the kids at Hope Orphanage. Thanks for all the generous donors who make our ministry with these kids possible.


Stocking the Sparrow's Hope Store

Today we were at Hope Orphanage to restock the Sparrow's Hope store. Since Dima and Leanna are out of school for Christmas break they went with me to help out. The kids at the orphanage were still at school (Christmas in Ukraine is January 7th.) so we had to haul all the supplies up to the 4th floor ourselves - Dima called it his workout! It is always a joy to restock the store for the kids - they are so grateful for the opportunity to shop. Thanks to all our sponsors who make it possible to help these kids.


Christmas Boxes for Unsponsored Kids

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We have 21 children who have not yet been sponsored at Hope Orphanage and we decided that they really needed to receive Christmas boxes like the sponsored kids. So we shared our desire with our church family in Gorlovka and invited them to help. Wow, they really came through and today we packed 21 boxes to deliver to the kids tomorrow.
The older boys received a fleece blanket with their names embroidered on them, an MP3 player with extra batteries, a toiletry kit with deodorant, a brush, shower supplies, socks and a big bag of M&M's!
The older girls received a fleece blanket with their names embroidered on them, an MP3 player with extra batteries, socks, shower gel with a scrubby, shampoo and conditioner kit, deodorant, an umbrella and a box of candy.
The younger girls received a sweater, tights, craft projects, a stuffed animal, a Barbie doll, Barbie dresses and accessories, a plastic carrying case for all the Barbie items and candy.
If you would like to sponsor one of these kids, or know someone who would, please get in touch with us and we will set you up as a sponsor.


More Shopping

Monday, December 13, 2010

We took more of the kids from Hope Orphanage shopping for winter goods last weekend. It was very cold and snowing, so we were in more of a hurry than when the weather is warm. Once again we had a few vendors who gave good discounts or free items to the children. Gloves, hats and new coats were the most popular items purchased this trip. Although Lora, Dasha and I spent about four hours in the cold, it was worth it to see the joy in the kids eyes and in their smiles as they made their purchases. Thanks to all our sponsors who make it possible to provide for these precious children.


Shopping at the market

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yesterday we took 21 kids from Hope Orphanage to the local clothes market for a shopping trip. The kids were so excited about getting to pick out the things they needed and wanted. It is always humbling and encouraging to see these kids shop for themselves and share with each other.
Since we take the kids to the same market repeatedly, the word gets around rather quickly that the kids from Hope Orphanage are shopping. Yesterday one vendor gave us a huge bag of hats and scarfs. Another vendor gave two boys in my group free jeans. Most vendors give a small discount for the kids. One girl in Lora's group asked a vendor if she would give a discount, she replied that she would not, and the girl said, "Well, why not?" Lora was so proud. It is encouraging to see Ukrainians taking interest in helping these kids.
Thanks to all our sponsors for providing funds to help these kids with the necessities of life. Your generosity is changing their lives.


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