Shopping at the market

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yesterday we took 21 kids from Hope Orphanage to the local clothes market for a shopping trip. The kids were so excited about getting to pick out the things they needed and wanted. It is always humbling and encouraging to see these kids shop for themselves and share with each other.
Since we take the kids to the same market repeatedly, the word gets around rather quickly that the kids from Hope Orphanage are shopping. Yesterday one vendor gave us a huge bag of hats and scarfs. Another vendor gave two boys in my group free jeans. Most vendors give a small discount for the kids. One girl in Lora's group asked a vendor if she would give a discount, she replied that she would not, and the girl said, "Well, why not?" Lora was so proud. It is encouraging to see Ukrainians taking interest in helping these kids.
Thanks to all our sponsors for providing funds to help these kids with the necessities of life. Your generosity is changing their lives.


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