Great Week In Gorlovka

Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Thursday I took Kostya and Denis and we traveled to all the dormitories that the Sparrow's Hope kids live in and passed out flyers about the shopping trip for Saturday. We only found a few kids, most were not at the dorms. I contacted a couple of others through social media. On Saturday we took 16 of the kids shopping for Spring (and some more Winter) supplies. They all had a great time and are so appreciative for the blessings their sponsors provide.

Four other kids (Tanya, Albina, Dima and Ruslan) live with a foster family in town and they already had their Spring clothes purchased. The mother asked me about purchasing a wardrobe unit for their entry way and a bicycle for the kids. I agreed with that idea and she purchased the wardrobe and will get the bicycle tomorrow.

Thanks to all our sponsors who make it possible to provide needed supplies to these children. I can promise you that your gifts are making a difference in their lives.


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