Party at Hope Orphanage

Friday, May 27, 2011

Today was the last day of school for kids in Ukraine and we had a party for the kids at Hope Orphanage. The kids put on a small concert/talent show, and we had food for them following. Everyone had a great time and the kids were well dressed because they went shopping recently and were instructed to buy nice clothes for the final bell (a really important event in Ukraine). Before we could leave the orphanage, several of the kids wanted to drive again! (I let some of them drive the other day when we went shopping). Thanks to all our sponsors who make it possible to provide important things and events for these children.


Shopping with the Hope Orphanage Kids

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today we took 15 more kids shopping at the outdoor market. They were instructed to buy some nice clothes for the last day of school. I am always amazed at the way these kids share with one another and how they make their money stretch so far. I had a group of guys and we finished first so they wanted to sit in the car with me which soon led to driving around the parking lot. It was the first time any of these kids had driven - scared Lora to death, made the kids SO HAPPY! Thanks to our donors for making it possible to help these children.


May Shopping Trip

Friday, May 20, 2011

Today we took 17 kids from Hope Orphanage to the outdoor market to shop for clothes, shoes and other items. The kids were instructed to make sure they purchased some good dress clothes for the last day of school (which will also be important again on September 1st for the first day of school). We had a great time shopping with the kids. We decided to take them out for pizza following the shopping trip and that was also a great time. We ended the meal with ice cream and everyone had a wonderful day. Thanks to all our sponsors for giving generously so that these kids can have the things they need. Your gifts are changing lives.


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