Grateful Children

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today we took duffle bags loaded with flip flops, a package of underwear, a large towel (one kid said - "Wow, it's big"), a toothbrush and holder, toothpaste, and soap with a holder. All the kids will be attending summer camp somewhere and this will be a great start for their packing. The kids were so excited and could not hide their smiles. It was a little heart breaking to see them so excited about towels - my kids just kind of take towels for granted. Thanks to the sponsors who generously share each month to provide things for the children. It was humbling to see the kids so excited about these basic items and it reminded us that Jesus was right about serving "the least of these." We are looking for 25 more sponsors, so if you have a friend who may be interested in helping please share this program with them.


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