Shopping with (and for) the Sparrow's Hope Kids

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Many of the Sparrow's Hope kids have been at camp most of the summer, but they are trickling back in for the start of school on September 1st. This weekend we took a group of 13 shopping and also took a foster mother and one of the five children she and her husband are raising to buy some furniture and other items for their family. Kostya, one of the guys who live in the dorm without bathing and laundry facilities, dropped off his laundry with me a few weeks ago to wash between trips - it was a walk down memory lane for me to work on his laundry because I could remember the various shopping trips when he purchased all the clothes. It also gave me a great opprotunity to pray for Kostya and his sponser, as well as the other kids and sponsors. The kids all asked me to express their gratitude to their sponsors for your generosity. You are providing great help to these young people and they know that you are showering them with the love of Jesus. Thanks to all who are sponsoring and praying for these young people.


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